Friday, December 19, 2008

Its Snowing, I should be Cleaning and I am just sitting here Admiring

Hello Everyone, I have been out of My Own Loop, I think. I really used to love and ever since they changed the formatting It is not the same to me, therefore I have not been hanging out there that much lately... Today, as I watch the snow fall and listen to everyone who calls me to complain they can't do this or can't do that and as the TV News Crews scenes of Snow Covered Roads and Snow Plows I secretly wish it would fall and fall and fall as I absolutely LOVE Snow Days.. I am sure if my husband, who is dutifully riding his bicycle from client to client in NYC wearing his Artic-Gear would disagree right now and if I were him, I guess I would too. As I type this I am listening to Mayor Bloomberg, speak to everyone about "how to get around in the snow", with the slightest amount of sarcasm in his voice and thinking I would do the same. ;) Well, back to -- So, today I decided to check out some of my "old flickr stomping grounds" LOL and take a look at what ya'll have been doing and I stopped in to Lisa Peters ART for a bit and revisit some of your work that included a little bit of me. Everyone makes such great things but one piece really caught my eye. My Great Friend Linda Themer, from Textured Turtle made a piece that really spoke to me. She dyes and rusts her own fabric (which I believe she sells on her etsy shop). I love the fact that this piece is round -- and I could spot my tiny little bead dead center which was really cool to see. So, Thanks Linda for making such a great piece and posting it on my Flickr Pool! I also would like to thank everyone else who has taken the time to post photo's using my pieces in their creations on my flickr pool.. I REALLY LOVE TO SEE finished products with my pieces in them and encourage everyone to do so!

I may blog again this afternoon, some snow photo's!
Until then enjoy some of this years collaborations between me & my customers! Pictured below is a Mixed Media Creation by Linda Themer and A Mosaic of Bead Weaving Collaborations between Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers and myself.


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

The world is filled with coincidences for me today: I read this as I'm working on a felted envelope clutch for which I will use a Lisa Peters button, inspired by the wonderful little clutch I have by Lynda! :D Enjoy your snow day, my friend. Here, it will reach 65. No snow in sight, I'm afraid.

Lisa Peters Russ said...

ooh, can't wait to see!
I did not get a chance to get out in the snow but have been watching it out of my window (with the cats of course) It was beautiful.

65, huh?

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Shoot me, Lisa! I didn't get a chance to photograph it before I drove it over to my mom's that night so that she could take it with her for my aunt in Phoenix the next day. I'm such a blonde, sometimes! :(

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Who is your Aunt? And what is her number? LOL!

CDS, between the 2 blondes we have to get something right!

OK.. I will wait for another SandFibers creation to see your beautiful work!