Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you smell smoke?

Well, that would be me.
I have been raku firing for the last few days Sunrise - Sunset. If I had to sum up how its going I would say, AWESOME! I believe that the pieces I have fired have been my best in the few years I have been doing this. Everything seems to be working. My glazes, my reduction. The styles I created this last time around really stand apart from previous firings. I hope everyone is as excited about them as I am when I debut them this weekend at Berks Bed Bazzar in Pa, and next week online on flickr - I am trying to build my inventory for Bead and Button Show so most items will not find their way to etsy, but please do not hesitate to check out flickr and inquire about a piece, YES they will be for sale.
This morning, before my eyes were even open I checked my email and saw a wonderful note from Patrizia Tager, from Triz Design, a bead designer which lead me to a link on her Face Book Pages. I could not believe it when I saw this gorgeous piece that started from a Raku Cabochon Triz picked up from me last year on Etsy. The photo and description are all taken from Triz's Flickr Photostream and are c. Patrizia Tager.
A bead embroidered collar inspired and beaded around one of Lisa Peters’ Art’s ( ) beautiful handmade raku fired ceramic cabochon and small olivine Swarovski flat back. Bead-embroidered using bronze and grey Czech seed beads, gold-lined and cream-lined grey Japanese seed beads. Embellished using sand opal Swarovski crystals, fresh-water pearls in various shades of grey and cream and Czech fire polished glass beads in different shades and finishes of grey.The back of this collar is lined with grey ultrasuede and the clasp is an antique gold pewter toggle and ring.The collar measures 17” (c. 43 cm). The centrepiece measures 3 ½” (c. 9 cm) at the widest part and 4 ½” (c. 11.5 cm) in length. The side panels measure 1 ½” (c. 3.5 cm) at the widest part and ¾” (c. 1.8 cm) at the narrowest closer to the clasp.This is a handmade original One-of-a-Kind piece of wearable art, never to be repeated again!
Is that not an amazing piece of artistry? Wow.. It certainly inspires me to get back to my studio and begin another day of smoke and fire - Raku'ing more creations for you to have fun with. I will be firing until Wednesday night and then I will begin to organize for: Berks Bead Bazzar. Please come see me if you are local!

For those of you who cannot see me this weekend, I will photograph my inventory on March 3rd and upload to my photostream for you to review. If you see anything you like please post a note on the photo OR send me the link to the page (not the photo title) the actual link from your browser so I can easily locate what it is you are interested in.
Til' then - Happy Creating!


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

You and Triz have combined efforts for a real piece of ART JEWELRY there! Wow.

And I'm going to have to stay OFF flickr that day. Danger, Carol Dean, Danger! LOL hugs!

Unknown said...

thank you Lisa and Carol Dean! :-) and although I'm really looking forward to seeing what stunning new pieces you are creating, I agree with CD and may need to stay off flickr too :-) of course I have absolutely no self-control, so I probably won't :-)

Lisa Peters Russ said...

I have finished firing. I cannot make one more thing, though I have hundreds more to do.. I just simply cannot.
girls, girls, girls..
my next batch a pictures are going to WOW ya..
No staying off flickr!!!
you cant do it! (whispering like a dealer on the street, "pssst...hey you, want some cabs?"

Linda Starr said...

I just had to stop by when I read your post title about smoke. Can't wait to see your new raku work photos. I just did my first ever barrel firing with a few pendants thrown in and it created so much smoke. Boy was it fun, I think I am hooked, raku may be next. Your work is so beautiful, you are a real inspiration. Love the photos on the postcard.