Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Uh, Oh - Can I get it together in 8 days?

In Typical Lisa Fashion - I decided to stay up last night and do more and more and more volunteer work, denying myself much needed rest and somehow found my way to a Bead Artist Friends Website...while admiring the lovely work I decided to look at her show schedule. Oh, how exciting she is doing the same show as me in Mar------- and then I saw it, SHOW DATES..
Somehow, not sure how, but somehow I confused March 28th with Feb 28th..and I have 8 days to create, fire bisque, glaze RAKU & High Fire Pieces, label, price, organize and arrive in Reading, Pa for the Berks Bead Bazzar! BIG GULP! If you are reading this and are coming to Berks..I will need a hug. If you hand me a piece of paper that has HUG printed on it, you get $10.00 off your order of a minimum $75. :) (seriously)

So for those of you who I am in contact with through emails, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and all the rest - I will be turning into the "RAKU-Monster" in the next few days and I apologize in advance for any unanswered emails, late responses to requests or any messages I may write in my Manic state that ramble on and on and on.....

That being said, what the heck...Borgata - here I come,
I will be home Thursday..

see ya later!



Mellisa said...

Yikes! Well, too far away for a real hug but if nothing else... ((virtual hug)) Good luck getting as much done as possible, I'm sure you'll have enough.

GraceBeading said...

Holy cow girl... I guess 'busy' would be an understatement!

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Thanks Melissa & Thanks Grace..
I am so freaked - I cannot even begin to freak..My math says its not do-a-ble.. so My heart will give it a try and see what happens.
Thanks for your support!

Unknown said...

I know you can do it..
that smile says you're up for the challenge...
have fun and be safe'
mona & the gaffer girls

Mellisa said...

Here's a little extra love for you when you recover from the show: I nominated you for a little spreader of love blog award- details are on my most recent post :)