Monday, November 2, 2009

Its November?

I cannot believe its November all ready? Is it me or is everything just going waaaaayyyy to fast!??

I am finally getting around to photographing and listing inventory that was created for the Soft Flex show on etsy and flickr. I want to thank all of you who have been acquiring pieces almost daily since last week.. I CANNOT WAIT to see whatcha y'all are making!

For customers who have been waiting for certain items please email me and remind me. For those of you who have allready done this, please do it again (just kidding) I have posted alot of available inventory on my flickr page (If you have a PRO account, please add a note to anything you want-if not please email me, we will figure it out somehow) For those of you waiting for custom orders I have either emailed you, am going to email you to will photograph the thing you are waiting for very soon. (soon meaning, within the week!)

So whats next for lisa peters ART?

Glaze Experiments, Enamel and Electroforming..

The first thing I know I can handle are some new glaze experiments. I have shown some on flickr and sold out of alot of inventory at the Soft Flex show before I had a chance to show you So, it means I can make more with confidence. I believe I can start working on that in about a week or so.

The rest.. well, we will see. The tools are out of the box...there is a start ;)

So, go on over to flickr and take a peek! Would love to know what you think!



Barbara Lewis said...

Lisa, I'm enjoying seeing your bead on your Flickr slideshow on your blog. The leaves are great. And, let me know how the electroforming goes. Can't wait to hear about that. Barbara

TesoriTrovati said...

It just doesn't seem right that the panic at this time of year is about to set in!
I just made the prettiest necklace with one of your outstanding raku buttons... but alas, my computer went kaput on me this weekend, so it might be some time before I can post it and share with you and the rest.
Loving glazes and the new large connectors. Oh, and those itty bitty snowflakes and trees. Yippee!
Enjoy the day!

Rose Clearfield said...

You have so many new items on Flickr that are gorgeous! I don't have pro so I can't leave notes, but I left a comment on this photo for you:


Lisa Peters Russ said...

Oh Thank you everyone!

Barbra, I was speaking with another ceramic artist and she said "we should all form a group...people who have never used their electroforming kits:..LOL, I think the idea of the kit peaked my husbands interest so maybe one night we might make something with it or with my enamels that are just sitting there looking at me!

Erin... I cannot wait to see the necklace, thanks so much for letting me know - I hope you get that computer up and working soon. My work seems to be going in different directions all the time, which I like.. new glaze experiments are the best! will keep u posted!

Rose - thank you and you got it! leaves set aside!

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