Saturday, June 19, 2010

ARTISTS: You are so talented, so different - its cool to be among you

I believe this morning I took my first deep breath after the shock that is Bead and Button (show).  The first few days after coming home you are still in the "zone" and then after a few personal appt's and telephone calls to non beady friends and family you begin to realize where you are.  HOME.   I slept late, I made a good breakfast, not an I-dont-have-any-time-or-counter-space-left-breakfast...because I am getting ready for a show.  We sat down together, at a table, civilized, though unkempt and talked.  I actually heard what Hank was saying instead of watching his lips move and thinking... "did I pack my rectangle cabochons in the jewelry case or is it in the shoe box of extra's?"  I drank all of my coffee.   We discussed some new product I picked up at the show and then sat down and used it for a bit and made some funky new molds for bead making... because we wanted to not because we had to..   Hank and I have a special project that we will announce when the time is right.. (no, Im not pregnant :( ) so we are doing our best to prepare for that.   Yesterday it was decided that I would be having minimal surgery on my cervical spine so that this awful problem that has been with me since last August can be put to rest (for a little while).    It is not a cure, but it is what I need for now and I am 100% satisfied with the Dr and the procedure and so is Hank.  You will have to do without me for about 6 weeks (awww, can ya handle it?  Please say no! :) but after-wards I believe I will be happy physically once again.   I have a "diet" that I do when I am about to have surgery (I hate the word diet., but it is a diet of sorts) so that my levels are in check and the process of recovery is easier, for me.  So I started that this morning.. hmm, its been 45 minutes and I'm doing far-so good! LOL  I will keep you posted on events as they unfold.

This morning I was looking through my contacts on Flickr.  My Goodness, sometimes I just can't believe the talent I see from all the creative people out there.  It was not like this years ago, it just wasn't.  Though the internet has brought us all together, I still believe the products and inspiration were not getting to alot of people who are using their creative energies now, in the most fabulous way!   There is alot of product on the market yet I find myself still very interested in those works that are simple and done with found objects and media-though I must have those products (just in case)

I am a poser of sorts lately.  I have a studio filled from floor to ceiling of hoarded medium.  Seriously, you have no idea.  I know alot of people say that.. but seriously, you have no idea what the heck I have.. Hank and I always joke and say "Wow, look at this place.. our kid would have had some Harvard education..." LOL (insert any expensive college of your choice in place of Harvard)  So, Anyway, I am a poser... because I don't use it, I only use ceramic lately..  So I would like to make a loose-goal of incorporating more mixed media works into my schedule this year (was that my goal last year??) and I really do hope that happens.  I miss it.

So, that's what I have to say this morning.  This blog post was inspired by my husband Hank who I found fabricating a skull & chain link "bumper" for his new pimped out golf cart by the sound of electric current kicking on and off and the glow of a MIG welder coming under the door in his work shop.   This is ART.

   Art is everywhere.. Mom's who are making the perfect Barbie Cake for their daughters birthday party - you are creating ART, Men and Women who are in their garages sanding the fender of their custom motorcycle - you are creating ART..  I hope the image of ARTIST is changing for people who when they HEAR the word do not just, SEE an image of an old Frenchman dabbing oil onto a canvas with shaky hand and baguette crumbs in his beard.   Its you too.

With much love on this beautiful day,
I leave you with..... The Hankster..


TesoriTrovati said...

NO! I can't handle it. But handle it I must! You will be missed but hardly forgotten. Get on with the business of making yourself well. I will be waiting. And if I lived closer I would have to come and raid your hoard and help you create with it. LOL! Take.Good.Care. You are the only you we've got!

Enjoy the day!

Yolanda M. said...

Nope!! No, we can't be without you...!! I mean that. Will be thinking about you, keeping you in prayers for a fast and easy recovery. Take care and listen to your doctor... :)



cindydolezaldesigns said...

Lisa, please take care of yourself. When you're back you will be free to CREATE.

BeadJewelryShopGirl said...

Thank you for sharing. Lisa. We will certainly miss you but look forward to what you have in line once you've recharged your energies!

Lisa Peters Russ said...

I'm so thrilled I know you... all of you! so touching! and I love what you wrote Erin.. you are the only you we've got.. which was so wonderful to hear! Everything you gals wrote is wonderful.. thank you!
So much..

Heather said...

So true about art, anything we do with rapt attention to detail and love is art!! Wish you the best with your surgery. Definitely not okay you will be missed!!

Unknown said...

I loved this post. I will be believing in total healing for you, Lisa.

Your Hankster is a very special artist!