Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One More Week......

One more week to go until the Bead and Button Show. It's been a very strange week. Usually I am amped up and have such anxiety. My work is never done on time and I am firing until the wee hours of the night before I leave. This year it was all finished by May 21st. My house is semi-clean and my beads are packed and ready to go. I even went away this weekend. It's a very strange feeling.

I do have some work to do., a few loads of Overglaze and Lustre firings but those are just "extra".. I know I'm missing something BIG. What did I forget? Can anyone tell me? ;)

I have been adding some listings to the D*stash shop little by little and very happy to see that is getting some activity! I am also really pleased to see what my customers are doing with the D*stashed items! (almost made me not want to D*stash them!) LOL!

So its a strange feeling having time on my hands right now..
Had to blog about it!


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