Wednesday, April 27, 2011

about 33 days left and about 90 days worth of work to do...........

You will probably see this post on many Bead and Button vendor blogs and facebook status's.  It is such an anxious time for all of us and it is hard to enjoy the ride as much as I would like to!  I have three days left working in wet clay and then the glazing begins.  Has anyone seen my Raku kiln?  I dunno where I left it last -- its been THAT Long.

I probably wont get on here much to blog before I go so I would like everyone to know that Lisa Peters ART will be in booth 1213 at the convention center for the Bead and Button Show 2011 along with mom and lots of beads that I hope you will love!  I will also try to get a coupon that you can print out to bring with you to the show!  If anyone is going and would like to meet up for a drink or coffee, please email me

If you entered the Bead Dreams competition and were not accepted this year, I have a facebook fan page called "Didn't make it into Bead Dreams, but still WINNERS!"  It is a place for you to show the pieces you made for the contest and to inspire discussion about them.   Please read the page Bio once you join.

It is a very odd time here at LPA Studio...lots of work, lots of distractions, my mind racing in many different directions regarding clay, glazes and designs and how I can balance all the things that life is throwing at me.. So if I miss an email or I am late in a reply I apologize.   Email me again and have just a bit of patience as it is hard to check my computer with clay and glaze filled fingers!   If you are currently waiting for a response for a previous email -- please shoot me another - 

I hope all is well in your world and as always Happy Creating!


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