Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bead and Button Show here I come........

Ceramic Butterfly Charms
Well it is that time of year again.. The Bead and Button show is now taking place in Milwaukee and I will be arriving there on Tuesday to begin set up for the Bead Show which begins on Thursday evening til' Sunday.  For those of you going to the show for the first time, I am booth 1213 Lisa Peters ART which is the far right wall once you enter the exhibit hall. 

My beads are finally packed in their jewelry cases, which was the first time I could exhale in many, many weeks of manic-bead-creating and now the very arduous task of packing the car I leave to Hank.  I hate that part so I am glad he does it for me.  Mom and I leave Tuesday morning at 6am (we hope) and we  driving straight through, all 14-16 hours of it, so wish us luck.  If you need me you can shoot me an email which I will check on Wednesday morning after I leave or feel free to send me an email to my phone if you would like to get together or if you can't find my booth at the show. Either way I would love to hear from you!

There is a cute article here on Surviving the show that I just found while searching the floor plan...

So what did I make?  Well, If you are a Fan on My Facebook Page you can find a Preview Album here: Bead and Button Preview Album or in an album I have posted on my Flickr account.  (Same photo's both albums)  here are just a few pics..

Assorted Stoneware Components
Ceramic Owl Pendants
Assorted Stoneware Cabochons
Raku Jumbo Cabochons

SHOPPERS GOING TO THE SHOW: For those of you who have been shopping with me at the show you know by now the one problem that I have is overloaded bead trays.  It is the only thing that I have tried to change but for some reason, whatever the reason be it psychological, geographical, logistical or a combination of all of those things.. it is - what it is.  Have patience...  Cabochons will be on one side of my table and beads & buttons on the other.  I will have many trays behind the booth (mostly cabochons) if you are a "Cabby" you know where the "Cabby Chair is" have a seat and you can look through all of those trays.   If you need something in particular.. ASK ME., if you want to know if I have more of what you just found.. ASK ME.   I am taking credit cards, checks and preferably cash.  I am open to billing via Pay Pal if you are an established customer and would also prefer that to credit cards.   Atthe bottom of this blog post is a coupon for you to print out and bring to the show to use towards your purchase.  Please add your name and email on the back for my mailing list if you would like to.

NOT ATTENDING B&B:  I hope one day you can make the show but completely understand how difficult it is to go.  Lets face it - its an expensive trip if you are not local and there is just so much to buy it can be very overwhelming.  I am offering for those of you who cannot make the trip a coupon code for my Etsy Store which will be in effect from June 7th-14th, 2011.  The Coupon Code is: BeadButton and can be used as many times as you would like during those days for 20% your total order! (this cannot be combined with any other discount code) In July I will start packing the D*Stash store with lots of goodies..stay tuned for that announcement on my facebook wall.

I look forward to seeing my beady friends from all around the world!!  Lets have a great show and a fabulous time!  For those of you who cannot make the show this year -- you are in my thoughts and you will certainly be missed...

as always I wish you happy creating......
see ya soon