Saturday, August 20, 2011

A great way to spend a rainy Friday .......BEADFEST

Friday morning Hank and I set out for our day trip to Philly to go to Bead Fest.  Other than some really annoying traffic the ride was uneventful and we arrived around 1pm.  Believe the Interweave Website when they tell you that the address of the Expo center and your GPS will not agree..ours took us a longer way than expected but ..whatever., it is-what it is in 2011 as far as directions anywhere.  I was never really any good at reading a map anyway so I am just happy when I actually arrive at a my destination at all. 

I was really happy to see great friends and get a chance to see the show as a "civilian" which really means, without the butterflies and anxiety that come with doing a show.   We met with Amy Blevins from Bead and Glass Boutique in Pitman, NJ and had alot of fun browsing.   We spent alot of time with Barbara Lewis and I was so bummed I had left her book in the car as I would have loved for her to sign it for me.. She filled in alot of technical blanks about enameling for Hank and I believe he is on his way to finally use the hundreds of copper pieces we bought 2 years ago when we decided we wanted to enamel.. (can you tell I am a little behind in my work?)  I am really looking forward to creating using enamel now that she has put some of my concerns in perspective.  Barbara is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her book and taking one of her classes if you can..  
Yvonne Irwin from My Elements

Hank Holding a LPA Cabochon kit by Bead My Love

Barbara Lewis - Painting with Fire

Me, Hank and Amy Blevins - Bead & Glass Boutique

Nancy Schindler
 Amy and I discovered a booth that really got our attention and I am sorry to say I never got a chance to do the last 2 rows or any of the side rooms but it was a wonderful day nonetheless.   At the end of the show we had dinner locally and made it back for the Meet The Teachers Reception which was also wonderful.  It was there that I got a chance to chat with Nancy Schindler and she and Hankster finally got a chance to meet!  It was wonderful until the subject of Face Down Tuesday came up and the rest is history. 
Hank and Nancy - Conspirator & Co-Conspirator of "Crystalgate"

Hank and Stephanie Dixon-Designer and Swarovski Ambassador

Hank, Stephanie Dixon and her beautiful Swarovski covered Card Holder

Hank who did not know about the card holder

Its all fun and games until someone breaks the beads:(

He is very sorry :( - Hank is holding Swarovski JET AB ss32 crystals)    

there will be no more planking at Meet The Teachers Bead Fest..... until Next year......

as always I wish you Happy Creating,
and Careful Planking...


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