Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The End

Yes, its Me and a Mako Shark- which is typical in Montauk!
My post is titled "the end" as it marks the end of summer but also where we enjoyed the last of our summer vacation days in the East End of Long Island in the only place referred to as The End, Montauk, NY.   I have been vacationing in Montauk since I was 0.  My mother and grandparents went for years prior to my birth and we spent a few weeks in the summer there growing up until my grandfather passed away 10 years ago.  It was hard to go back in the first few years since his passing and since next year my grandmother (nani) turns 90 we decided it was time....

Over the years on weekends Hank and I were guests in the Hamptons I always made him promise that we would sneak away and go to Montauk for a few hours..and thankfully he always kept his promise, though I do not think he could ever understand how important those short trips were for me.  I also do not think he ever got a true sense of the place just by taking a ride to the point and back and maybe stopping for fritters and beer..  Since our family vacations usually took place during the work week or at odd times before Hank made his own schedule, Hank usually did not come with us and I am so glad he finally got at chance this year - luckily I believe he is hooked and I am now pretty sure I might not have to be the one to ask first next time to go there.. He is absolutely in love with the place and my work is done.. LOL.

For those of you who know the area.. we stayed at Gurney's ( a switch from our regular place next door The Panoramic View Inn)  We were under the impression it changed over to residences only, but that might not be the we may be back at the Salt Sea next summer.   My family switched from Gurney's in 1968 to the Panoramic because they did not allow children and I am very glad they did so.. Those summers at the Panoramic made more wonderful memories for me than any other.   One of those wonderful memories are referred to here by Frank Bennardo in a song inspired by the most innocent teenage encounters in this very magical place. (pls scroll down to #4 on that link)

Ahhh Gurney's..what can I say about Gurney's?  Well other than our amazing accommodations, The Quarter Deck..a 3 bedroom cottage on the beach -- (doesn't get better than that as far as gurney's is concerned) Gurney's is a sort of Time Capsule.  It has been there for 85 years (this being their 85th year celebration) and there is alot of it that, well, was still here.  I remember when it had its first major renovation..when it became one of the most famous Spa Resorts to hit NY!!  I had my 1st massage there when I was 12 years old and my grandparents took me there to recover from my sinus surgery when I was 16--it was that special... ;)   but, without being too verbally critical I am going to say.. it is no wonder, the secret rumor is Gurney's is up for sale.  I am torn between my love for a place, memories, being with family for a proper -objective critique, but I wouldn't book another appt. any time soon..that being said...Monte.. you did a great job, RIP...

Ben, Hank, Mom and Nani - Quarter Deck
 This time also marks another end for us., the end of the life of a very dear friend and Hank's best friend since he was 16 years old, Kevin.  Kevin, 49yrs passed away last week and I think the timing of this vacation was perfect so that Hank could stare out into that beautiful ocean and have quiet time thinking about all the fun he and Kevin used to have together.  Kevin was one of the kindest people I have ever met - who I am pretty sure never said a negative thing about anyone.. (in my presence at least) and for the 23 years I was lucky enough to know him was always extremely polite and respectful to me, regardless if Hank and I were having a "good day or a bad day".    We will really, really miss him.

So, with that I wish you Happy Creating as usual with a spin, I wish you Happy Creating Memories..with friends and family -- and if you ever have the chance to create them in Montauk.. please invite me along.


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