Monday, June 4, 2012

Bead and Button Show 2012
the hard work & the friends who made this year possible!

Hey everyone I wanted to blog again about the Bead and Button Show this week.  The car is packed (really packed) and after a few hours of sleep I will be picking up Mom and making the 14-16 hour drive straight through to Milwaukee.  For those of you coming to the show please stop by my booth (1213 & 1215) say "hello" and check out the beads..

Here are some exciting things you will find at lisa peters ART this year.. .. MOM {{applause}}


Special Guest Carol Dean Sharpe will have a selection of Sand Fibers Kits and patterns with her including several brand new designs that were specifically created to work with the glazes I have chosen  for B & B and a few very-limited edition surprises.  Carol Dean will be taking orders for a tutorial she has written on working with LPA cabochons.. (personally, I can't wait to see it)  Sample packs as well as individual sheets of Nicole's Bead Backing and Ultrasuede will also be available.

I think everyone pretty much knows Carol Dean, right?... Carol Dean discovered me - way back when I had no clue what I was doing (assuming I have a clue now ;) - but she saw something in my work..and she supported me then as much as she supports me now!  I could never have done this or come this far without the support of "CD" and can't possibly thank her enough for all she has done.  I will never forget the two gals that first made me believe I was saying "something" with my beads..  I am very lucky to have one of them with me for this entire show and very lucky to have as someone I can call friend.

(and yes, Miss Linda Themer - who cannot make the show this year.. You are always with me in spirit and your wonderfully rich and gorgeous Rusty Fiber...that I never go anywhere without!)

Here are some photo's of the kits that will be available at the show that Carol Dean has created specifically to coordinate with a LPA Button - There are more - but you will have to come to my booth to see the rest.
I would  like to take this opportunity to thank Alicia Hartley, one of Sand Fibers Beta Beaders, who has spent the last six weeks beading up samples of the new patterns mentioned earlier.  Thank you so much Alicia for all of your help, I know that Carol Dean's participation in this would not have been possible without the priceless help you have given her. 

Wallpaper Blues

Wrought Iron Scrolls

Night Blossoms

Patina Cloth
lisa peters ART finally has a kit! YAY!  Using instructions by the very talented Grace Danel - Carol Dean has put together kits with EVERYTHING (including toothpick for applying glue) you will need to create an adjustable ring with LPA mini flower cabs & beads.  Instead of compensating Grace directly for allowing LPA to use her pattern she has generously offered all of her compensation to be donated to The No Kill Advocacy Center in Oakland, California.  Each person that purchases a kit will add their name to the list that will be sent to the center with the entire donation from Bead and Button 2012.
Thank you Grace for creating this beautiful ring pattern and for the beautiful pieces you have created for me over the years.  I am so happy we connected years ago and I am honored to call you a friend..  
Mini Ring Kit - Each Kit Contains a One of a Kind Mini Flower  & Matching Beads
Sample by Grace Danel using the new 2D Cabochons I have created for the show
Even though Staci from - Staci Louise Originals, Handcrafted bronze, copper and polymer beads will not be at the show this year her beads will! I love Staci's work.. I always have and I think our work has kinda the same vibe and I love to see our pieces used together in collaborations.  What you will find in my booth is a well rounded sampling of what she creates. There are layered copper flowers, copper whimsical hearts, etched cuffs that are hand drawn so each is totally unique, bronze beads of sea urchins, moons and other nature inspired shapes. There are also some winged heart cuffs and Moon Baby focals (as featured in Spring 2012 Belle Armoire Jewelry). She inlcuded a sample of her polymer beads as well, hearts and connectors in both natural and bright finishes.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's reaction to Staci's work - I  think you will love it as much as I do and she is a really great gal as well with the most adorable kids!

Here is the fun part... (well, maybe not after she see's how much work I have waiting for her in quite a few boxes)  I am super excited that Amy Blevins will be joining us for the entire week!  This is quite a big deal for Amy because she is leaving some huge responsibilities at home with her work and her Bead shop, Bead & Glass Boutique in Pitman, New Jersey that just had their Grand Reopening not too long ago!  Lately, I do not say "bead" without asking Amy if I am saying it the right way, for the right price or the right color - perhaps she just thought it would be easier to just come to Milwaukee .. but we are just so happy to have her with us...

I have decided to create an album on Flickr for some sample photo's of the beads I will have at the show this year.  Please check out my album for a B & B 2012 preview.  The photo's will be online in about 2 days.. just didn't have enough time to get that done tonight!  If I don't get it done.. check out my other albums just for fun :)  ( a NEW link will be provided for the new album and posted here on blog when I have uploaded the new photo's)

For those of you coming to the show and shopping on Thursday night or Friday -  you know how busy things can get so please feel free to shop and leave your items with me to invoice and wrap for pick up on Thursday Night or Friday at some point so you don't have to stick around and wait.   If you would like to do this please drop your business card with cell phone number on top of your tray or basket  so that I can call you or text you when your order is ready for pick up.  Since you only have a few hours on preview night this worked out really well last year and I would like you to know the same option is available this year.

Happy Creating,
See ya soon


Amy B. said...

Are we there yet ?! Are we there yet !?
Come on Wednesday !!

Linda said...

Lisa, I don't know how you keep coming up with new and beautiful designs and colors every year.
You are a true, unique artist who was meant to enrich this world with your beads and buttons! So honored to have you as my friend and so disappointed I won't get to come see you at BB. Have a fabulous show, love ya!!!

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

How did I miss this post???? And how is that you can always get me to tear up with the things you say/write?

Getting to know and work with you over these years has been one of the greatest pleasures of my professional and personal life. You need to know that, my friend. Thank you for including me in this year's B&B adventure. I wish I had had more energy to contribute to the event and am disappointed with how little help I actually was. *hugs*