Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi, I have been getting some wonderful emails by a very supportive network of family and friends! And you my customers are my family and friends! I want to tell you that I really appreciate all the kind words you have sent to me regarding the Bead Dreams issue and I have forwarded those sentiments to the muddy people over at Beads of Clay and Ceramic Arts Forum. Also, to my sisters who work in clay, BOC/CBA/CAF and so on..thank you for standing together on this issue and for all the words of encouragement and of course your very comedic posts on CAF.. especially you Joan T and Lana W., of Off Center Productions
I am very sad to say the Kalmbach has decided to continue to shut out Ceramic Beads in the Handmade Bead or Button Category regardless of our protest. You may read a copy of their response to us at the Bead and Button Show Forum, as well as some of our letters to them. I believe you have to sign in, in order to read them, which is Free.. HERE - I assure you their excuse is lame.
OK.. on to the next, because I cannot let this get in the way of me creating some new stuff! So thats what I have been doing the last few days, creating new STUFF! I said things would start clicking by Sunday and maybe since I am older it takes a few days longer.. LOL!
I did see some really great new pieces by Grace Beading on her blog earlier today - that made me feel alot better! She created more of the pendant/pins using my cabs and beading around them. They are really lovely. Please check out her blog to see what she's been up to! GRACE BEADING

Hope I will have some better news for Tomorrow!
Til then,
Happy Creating!


Erin Siegel said...


I logged on today to find all this going on! Too bad about B&B. They are really missing out! Some other publication will take the opportunity to showcase clay. Clay will prevail!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I completely agree with you on this. I have noticed that lampwork seems to be considered the most "legitimate" material out there for art beads. There aren't even more than one or two polymer clay bead artists that are featured in finished jewelry in these magazines. I have to say that I don't often buy Bead and Button for this reason. I have a subscription to Art Jewelry, which embraces all kinds of materials and processes and it's enough for me. I'll be sure to leave a comment for B&B.

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Hi Erin and Christine,
Thanks so much for your support..even though we didn't get our way with B and B this year it seems as though all the lovely emails and comments have made up for it! It is so wonderful to know that you guys are out there and have our backs! That is a positive that came out of this!
thanks a bunch,

Lorelei Eurto said...

I wish I was more on the up and up with what's going on with the whole B&B fiasco.
The gist I'm getting is that they won't allow ceramics for the bead dreams contest?? that's just crazy talk!!
As a designer, this is really frustrating! Unless i'm not understanding the issue here??

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Hey Lorelei,

yes, the have specific categories for polymer, handmade beads or buttons and glass, handmade beads or buttons but will not create a category for ceramic, or at least have a category called "whatever" for ceramic to contribute beads or buttons. The only way ceramic can contribute is in a finished piece of jewelry. Well, thats great..but some of us do not create finished pieces as I am sure some glass and polymer people do not either, so we were not given the chance to participate. Sad..but we did our best..
thanks for asking! on to the next drama! LOL!