Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrrrr... Its Cold & Snowy Outside

Doesn't bother me at all though - all I need is clay and some coffee and I am oblivious as usual to the weather outside! I did find my kitty Buddee sleeping on the table this morning, watching the snow fall - laying on my freshly made pendants! I guess he was trying to "hatch them"...
Working with the clay the last few days I did not think anything was clicking, but now that I look at them again, in their dry stage (before the first firing, called Bisque firing) I think I made some cool stuff. My beads (the connector type) are coming out great, the pendants - I am still waiting for the ah-ha moment..but they are ok. I am making alot of non textured pendants so that I can melt alot of glass and copper on them in the Raku Firing. Making them look similar to the fat pendant type beads I was making. Very runny and drippy.. we'll see.

So, off I go back to work. Wanted to say good morning and again, thanks everyone for all the support for the B & B issue. I am over it..what's done is done..I have not given it another thought after their response, except to respond to all you wonderful people for your kind words! And I move on to the next. There is never a lack of injustice's in this world and I am never without my handy soapbox, so..

Til next time, Have a great one! stay warm (to all the locals!)

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