Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am BeadMaker - Its Official, Beadwork Magazine Said So!

Hi Everyone,
I was very excited late last night when, Guess Who? Yes, Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers wrote me a congratulatory email for the article in Beadwork Magazine about Lisa Peters - BeadMaker! Thanks CD, as usual, is keeping ME on my toes! I was so happy to see it, I didn't know it was out yet!
It was so cool to see! I hope that it introduces my work to a wider audience!
So, today's blog is going to be real short because I am in "real life mode" and cleaning my house (boo, hiss, boo) so, if you get a chance pick up a copy and check it out! Working with Interweave was a pleasure and I love their publications.
Thank you, Marlene Blessing from Interweave Press for chosing me for your BeadMaker for Feb 09!


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Bead maker? hmmm...that really should have read Bead ARTIST!!!! Congratulations, Lisa :D

Lisa Peters Russ said...

maker, schmaker! I don't care! LOL! (said,in the style of Forest Gump) I'll take it! How cool, right? I am loading the kiln and made some AWESOME BIG CABS for Beadweaving.. Your gonna dig these! Also some really cool connectors. It clicked yesterday (remember the clicking part) well it did, finally! Yoo Hoo.. Anyway, the piece in beadwork made my day, thats for sure! OH, and Happy Happy on Monday! You're Welcome!:)

Erin Siegel said...

Well, Congrats! Well deserved, Lisa! I'm glad your spirits are lifted up high, high, high! Yip hee!

SarahKelley said...

You needed Beadwork to tell you this? 8P
Congrats on the recognition!

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Thanks Erin & Sarah!
I appreciate that!

GraceBeading said...

Well now... this seems very timely doesn't it. So perfect the ways the universe works sometimes.

I received my copy the other day in the mail, but had not had a chance to sit and go through it, I just did, nice article - congratulations!

Funny thing... I canceled my subscription to B&B and switched to Beadwork. How happy am I right now????

Linda said...

Hi Lisa, I am behind checking your blog. Since B&B doesn't recognize clay beads as art and Beadwork does, I'd switch to Beadwork also! Can't wait to see some of your new pieces too.